Iceland Foods

Brought its unique frozen food experience from Europe to India.


The taste of Europe in India.

Frozen food market is globally worth billions.
Looking at its Business Metric, Iceland UK decided to foray into the Indian market. A billion pound British business entity known for its ready-to-eat, affordable frozen foods with a variety of offerings.


Beyond fries, ready-to-eat frozen products still have a nascent market in the country. Tackling perceptions related to freshness and changing the habit of consumption were going to be challenging. The aim was to use the unique variety of products offered by Iceland UK that were unmatched in the category. And introduce frozen pizzas that are culturally items that you could get delivered.


Using the power of origin story - we focused on quality and the aspirational legacy of the business to drive awareness. Our creative message spoke about the idea of an elusive European monarch who enjoys a trove of hidden treasures to fulfill his unending appetite. Our communication extended towards the celebratory aspect of the food and combining the various unique offerings by Iceland India like: Beetroot Fries, Rainbow Fries, Hash Brown Waffles and more. We further activated the modern retail journey by designing POS materials, shopping carts, fridge and more to engage with the customers visiting the store. We started the design and developed a new website for the Indian market.


Maintain global guidelines while also cueing the fact that since people might not be familiar with the brand, the Iceland brand had to stand out on the packshot.

Activating HoReCa

Print ads., pamphlets and digital campaigns to talk about the unique flavours offered by the Iceland brand - specially curated by some of the best chefs in Europe. Iceland India, the Indian arm of Iceland UK, a £3 Billion British food business house was determined to give India a taste of its authentic European made pizzas, sweet potato and rainbow fries and a range of lip-smacking potato snacks. The brand that pegged into the “Freshly Frozen Food” category, strongly believed that if you want to have fresh food, you should try freshly frozen food because of care for quality and the processes involved. As the communications agency, we were tasked to give the brand a strong entry point in a market that is fairly new to frozen foods. In a country that has such varied tastes when it comes to food as well as with other competitors in the market, we took the challenge head-on and gave a strong communication strategy to introduce Iceland’s products into every Indian’s diet.

Establishing its online presence

We started the design and development of a new website for the Indian market. With delectable images of the product, the story of our brand, this was only the starters before the main course.

From the Shopping Cart to the plate.

To create an impact on consumers shopping in-store, we developed an exciting messaging system from the doorway to the point of purchase.

Tickled tastebuds at home and on-the-go.

With scrumptious visuals on food vans to print ads in magazines, we crafted the communication by keeping in mind the key cultural and psychographic insights of the Indian target market.