Helped Shemaroo migrate to a new masaledar category.

Communication Strategy. Branding & Design.

The Shift

Shemaroo Entertainment has been well-established in content licensing and distribution business for decades. In 2019, there was a need to extend their Bollywood legacy and build a deeper connection with the younger TG. With a boom in the content space, they found a way to make an entry. We are in the age of the “content” and finding new ways to cut through was the key for Shemaroo. Having managed the brand’s communication for a year, we were invited to work on a unique project that combined Bollywood Tadka and storytelling through enjoyable meals served by a cloud kitchen. The challenge was to make the brand believable in a space that it never had been in before while still using the legacy of the business to stand out. Starting with the name and its positioning, we found a need to create a new icon in the busy Indian masaledar cloud kitchen category.

On point delivery

Mukka helped the brand test a new category to extend its influence and opened the door for more innovation through branded collaborations. Mukka was highly appreciated by its customers for its unique packaging and design. We learnt that the true testament to reach our customers is through their tummies.