Bank of Baroda

Establishing Bank Of Baroda’s Digital Personality.


Entering the digital arena

Bank of Baroda identified the need to up their digital game to stand out. They knew it was time to give their customers the experience they were looking for. Since 2016 we have helped build the foundation and processes for Bank of Baroda by highlighting their highest standard of banking practices. Our standards were built across responsiveness. We started by linking the online responses with the bank’s Grievance Redressal System. This ensured high levels of customer satisfaction and responsiveness.

A winning combination

In 2019, our successful journey led us to winning the social media mandate for another 3 years. Our task was to blend technology with creativity through our strong domain expertise. Through strategic insights, and in depth knowledge of the category we increased brand visibility.

We listened closely

With our in-house social media listening tool, we were able to make the bank one of the most responsive and active brands online. We were able to pre-empt concerns that formed a vital role in impacting customer experiences and this helped the bank become more seamless in its activities. Furthermore, it allowed us to identify improvement areas for products and services and thus effectively build campaigns.

The Big Merger

The biggest milestone was in 2019 when Bank of Baroda merged with Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank making it the second largest public sector bank in the country. We efficiently merged the social media platforms and ensured a smooth transition for customers via a strategic plan that ensured they were at ease during the big transition. We led the digital campaign that helped customers of all the merged entities feel like they were being heard.

Collaborating for success

Bank of Baroda relies heavily on sponsorship to help connect with the brand and push sports, culture and artisan platforms further in the country. We helped maximize these sponsorships by showcasing them on the digital platforms and bringing the brand connection through big events like the Jaipur Literature Festival, Pro Volleyball League and FIFA to craft a younger and more exciting personality for the bank.

The road ahead

Over the years our partnership with Bank of Baroda has evolved and together we have given customers a banking experience unlike any other. We continue to build new and exciting moments for the brand to be relevant every day.